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This farm will offer more than Damascus’s tastiest apples; it will offer traditional Syrian hospitality, comfortable lodging, fresh food and great country living with high service standards. It will combine country charm with the modern conveniences of a small 15-room only high-quality lodge. Each room will feature a fireplace, turret seating areas, canopy beds and window seats under a majestic apple trees. The lodge, tucked on the edge of a slope, will survey the apple farm estate below and captures expansive vistas towards the castle. For 140 per room per night including breakfast for two, one can enjoy the farm and being at the heart of the apple orchards, as well as experience a breakfast rich in fruits, fresh produce and the freshest and most muesli in all of Syria. The lodge will make its own signature cider and operate a niche and boutique foodstuffs company that offers packaged produce, perfect to take home or give as a gift, including dried fruits, nuts and cereals. Type: Hotel/Lodge/Spa Size: 15-rooms Capital Investment: 500.000

  • Tel: +963 (11) 222 2222
  • Fax: +963 (11) 333 3333
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