This company will offer a collection of unique foods, particularly dried fruits, jams and jellies, nuts and foodstuffs that use them. It starts by picking or sourcing the finest apricots, peaches, plums, apples, dates, prunes, cherries and berries orchards. Some of fresh fruits are artfully arranged into gourmet fresh fruit baskets. The rest of the fresh fruit will be dried and prepared for one of three destinies: dried fruit snacks, dried fruit and nut gifts or chocolate covered dried fruit. The baskets and crates will make beautiful, healthy and delicious gifts for friends, family and business. The product line highlight is the muesli made from high quality cereal flakes and fruits which are produced locally and subject to ongoing quality controls to ensure a high standard product. Type: Tourism-related Company Size: N/A Capital Investment: 190.100 Ownership: Private

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